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Delphi provides several methods to parse a string, but you might find that neither one does exactly what you need. For example, the ExtractStrings RTL method always. 09/08/2016 · Hi, in this video we learn how to insert a segment into a string with the Insert function in Delphi. Lazarus IDE:. Delphi Programming Series: 16 - Insert a segment into a string Shaun Roselt. Loading. Unsubscribe from. Call AddStrings to add the strings from another TStrings object to the list. Delphi Examples: Copy CodeThis example uses a list box and a label on a form. When the application runs, a string list object is created and three strings are added to it.

Delphi Insert data from StringGrid to a Database Table. Ask Question Asked 2 years, 9 months ago. Integer; lQuery, s, lcolvalues: string; begin for I:= 0 to vTableColumns.count - 1 do begin if I <> vTableColumns.count - 1 then. FireDAC “table or view does not exist” when insert into ORACLE TABLE Delphi Belin 10.1 upd 2. 28/06/2016 · I am struggling with inserting a SUBSTRING into a STRING at the CURSOR POSITION. The string will be text in a memo component. I would like to position the cursor, then click a button to insert a specific substring into the string really text without losing any of the string. Do you know of a good way to do this? Thanks, Jim Sawyer. 09/09/2015 · If I wrote like Delphi: osql -S server -d database -E -Q "BACKUP DATABASE database TO DISK =''c:\database'' FORMAT"; '' - is a 2 aphostrophe. How I can insert apostrophe in string in Lazarus? It works for me perfectly. Could you provide an actually compilable example? Logged fredycc. As a Delphi programmer, your approach to adding a number with leading zeroes depends on the specific use case for that value. You can simply opt to pad a display value, or you can convert a number to a string for storage in a database. Using System.Move to insert/delete items from an array of string is not as easy as insert/delete it from other array of simple data types. The problem is. string is reference counted in Delphi. Using Move on reference-counted data types needs deeper knowledge on internal compiler behaviour.

if I have a string like mystring below mystring:= 'this & that & the other'; How would I insert an extra ampersand at every ampersand occurance. e.g. mystring would now be 'this. Diese Sonderstellung der Strings beruht auf der Implementierung von Strings in Delphi 1. Damals wurde in s[0] die Länge des Strings gespeichert, wodurch Strings auf eine maximale Länge von 255 Zeichen beschränkt waren. Mit der Einführung von Delphi 2 wurde diese Form des Strings durch den Ansistring oder kurz String ersetzt. Insert inserts string Source in string S, at position Index, shifting all characters after Index to the right. The resulting string is truncated at 255 characters, if needed. i.e. for shortstrings Errors. None. See also. Delete. Delete part of a string. Copy. Copy part of a string.

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